Fiberglass FAQs

What exactly is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a woven cloth consisting of very fine threads of glass. When saturated with a resin, the cloth hardens and solidifies. Fiberglass has many applications. Airplanes and boats are made of fibreglass, but almost anything such as stairs, steps, decks and landings can also be made from Fiberglass. When coated with the resin (a plastic polymer) the fibreglass heats up and solidifies, giving it very durable characteristics such as hardness, scratch and stain resistance, as well as color durability and imperviousness to moisture.

Is Fiberglass envirnomental friendly?

Yes. Fiberglass is so durable and long lasting, it does not have to be repeatedly replaced, re-painted or finished like other products. For an average sized 10×10 fibreglass deck, we use 3 gallons of resin. A fiberglass deck lasts 30 or more years.  A typical wood deck of the same size requires 1 gallon of paint or stain per year, plus any chemicals necessary to strip the old surface. That is nearly 100 or more gallons of non-renewable resources used over the lifetime of the deck. Replacement lumber also has to be taken into consideration.

How durable is Fiberglass?

A fiberglass deck will withstand moisture, UV rays, and temperature. Normal activities like dragging chairs and barbeques across it will not tear it. You can shovel it, pressure wash it and put salt on it to melt snow. None of these things will cause it to decay. Dropping utensils and other items should not leave a mark. Your fiberglass deck will not fade and never need to be painted.

Does Fiberglass have seams?

No, fiberglass is completely seamless and waterproof.

Does Fiberglass crack ?

No. Fiberglass will not crack when applied correctly by a professional over the properly built structure and  over the correct substrate.

Is the Fiberglass finish slippery?

No. We add non-slip into the gelcoat to create desirable traction on the surface for safety during everyday use.

How long will my fiberglass deck last?

The amount of foot traffic and weather exposure on your deck affects its lifespan. With normal use and minor maintenance, fiberglass usually lasts up to 25-30 years.

Do I need to repaint the fiberglass?

We use a high quality paint called gelcoat to paint the fiberglass. Gelcoat is a modified polyester resin that forms a single layer hold with the fiberglass and never peels if applied properly. Gelcoat does not fade and will leave your deck looking like new for years to come.

Can fiberglass be repaired?

Fiberglass has excellent durability and most often does not fail for decades when installed by experienced applicators. However, if the fiberglass gives in, it can be easily repaired saving you money on large repairs in the future.

Is there any special maintenance required on fiberglass deck?

Since your fiberglass deck has a seamless finish it requires minimum maintenance.An occasional sweeping with a broom to remove dirt and spot cleaning after spills with general purpose household cleaners is all it takes to keep your fiberglass deck clean.  If necessary, your deck can be power-washed by a professional that knows the correct psi that will not harm your decks.  Be aware that power washing your deck/roof can chip your gelkote if it is not done properly.